Mlasko Drums


Mlasko American Classic Drums is a small business focused on meeting the specific needs of drummers who can appreciate refined classic drum design. We offer made-to-order wood drums, as well as snare drums in the same and various other materials. We also offer an extensive variety of services.

We believe American drums from the 1920’s thru 1960’s remained virtually unchanged because they worked so well. The dimensions of these drums are now called “traditional” sizes and we really cant figure out why there was ever anything else. They sound great for literally every style of music, which is why every recording studio on earth has a deep respect for vintage drums and the sounds they make. We also believe that drums looked a lot better back then (before the advent of deeper drums, ‘lion’s fur and barbed wire’ finishes, unnecessary/unattractive extra venting and a plethora of other “improvements”) and that’s what we aim to re-create here. Simply, we build traditional style drums with modern quality, craftsmanship and materials so you can have the magic recipes of yesteryear with the reliability of today.

Owner, Aaron Mlasko has toured as a drum tech with Liz Phair (Mario Calire, drummer), the Wallflowers (Mario Calire), Tori Amos (Matt Chamberlain), Yes (Alan White), Pearl Jam (Matt Cameron), Candlebox (Scott Mercado), The Presidents of the United States of America (Jason Finn), Duff McKagan’s Loaded (Isaac Carpenter/Burke Thomas), Adam Lambert (Isaac Carpenter/Rick Jordan/Brook Alexander), Sublime with Rome (Josh Freese/Carlos Verdugo), Ryan Adams (Aaron Ficca) and others. He’s also worked on an impressive list of recordings. His skills are in demand by major players all over the planet and are available to you as well.

We built our first custom drum in September of 1994. A natural progression from tweaking-out and refurbishing all other makes of drums, Mlasko Quality Custom Drums was born. In 2010 we switched our focus from fully custom drums to strictly made-to-order classic designs and changed our name. Mlasko American Classic Drums has grown from a small grass roots drum boutique into a… well, small, grass roots drum boutique. We don’t mind being small and have found that a lot of folks actually appreciate that quite a bit. You will find our drums to be classier and vibey-er than other high-end drums, while still remaining comparably affordable. Aaron’s great appreciation for vintage drums coupled with a thorough understanding of what does and doesn’t work under a microphone and on stage will enable you to own and play something very special!

“What makes your drums different than everyone elses?…” Mlasko drums built today have over 20 years of refinement behind them. We’ve learned our lessons independently, the hard way. You simply can’t do that overnite. Aaron prides himself in his ability to meet each customer’s needs individually and in person. Few builders of this skill level exist, and you can take advantage of it. Just drop us a line or give us a call! We thank you very much for your time and interest in what we do here and look forward to serving you.