We offer an extensive variety of services…


If we can’t fix it, it may be best to retire and replace it. Give us a try first!


We can return your classics to as close to original as possible.


Get those drums back in shape! I cannot count the number of sad drums that have come to my workbench to be transformed into something special –bring it in!


Tired of that old finish? Got a set of mismatched orphans? Your drums could be a candidate for a new painted finish.


We can re-wrap most drums with any of the plastics we offer on MACD (that’s A LOT!).


Need better bass drum spurs? Smoother snare drum throw-off? Meatier mounting system? Holes filled or drilled? Whatever you’re thinking; we can do it!


Need/want yr drums to look and function like new?

Custom re-builds with your existing parts

Just bring ’em in and we’ll re-make whatever you need.

New bearing edges/snare beds

Our edges are famous and we’ve cut ’em on new drums more times than we can count. Of course old and worn drums can often benefit from this too…

Bass Drum-ectomies

Got a trendy unnecessarily long bass drum that you can’t tune or make sound good? Let us have our way with it… you’ll be glad you did. 14″, people…

Live and studio tech

Aaron Mlasko is a top choice for drum technical assistance when you have an important live performance or recording situation. With over 25 years of hands-on drum experience including countless records as well as world tours with Ryan Adams (Aaron Ficca, drummer), Walk the Moon (Sean Waugaman), Sublime with Rome (Josh Freese/Carlos Verdugo), Adam Lambert (Issac Carpenter/Rick Jordan/Brook Alexander), Duff Mckagan’s Loaded (Burke Thomas/Issac Carpenter), The Presidents of the United States of America (Jason Finn), Candlebox (Scott Mercado), Pearl Jam (Matt Cameron), Yes and Spencer Davis (Alan White), Tori Amos (Matt Chamberlain), The Wallflowers and Liz Phair (Mario Calire) and more, there’s probably no drum problem he can’t solve. He can tweak your kit or bring in whatever you’re looking for. If you need the best drum sounds possible, look no further! We also have a vast and varied assortment of repro and vintage drumsets, snare drums, cymbals, hardware and percussion items available for studio rentals. Please call or email for availability and pricing.