Mar 262015

aaron here. well, i finally pulled the trigger and moved to music city, usa last thanksgiving. the shop was set up and fuctional by the new year and weve been building some really cool drums, some of which are for sale at forks drum closet here in nashville. also, check out the review of our 7×14 old slingerland style snare drum in not so modern drummer:×14-vintage-mahogany/

we will be providing drumsets for the 1st annual nashville boogie vintage weekend and car show in may and heading up to the chicago drum show after that. lots of good things happening here. please drop a line if youd like us to create something special for you. thanks, aaron (and hank, the shop dog)

Oct 182013

hey, look; new website!

does the new news werk?…


Jul 152013

Hey, gang-
Well, I finally updated my prices. it was really time. I was embarrassed to realize what my drums were costing to build vs. what I was charging. I think they’re priced very well now. I hope you’ll agree.
in the middle of redesigning the site, our logo and badge. I think you will really dig the end result. when this is complete, i’m going to be advertising for the first time ever. hope it helps. I’d like to be building more drums in general and I’ve never really tried to do anything to make that happen. I’ve always just relied on word of mouth, and that’s just not enough these days, so wish me luck.
haven’t been touring much lately. just the occasional tech thing here and there, but no major road time. i do miss it, but being home has allowed me to play more music, which has been a good thing.
I turned 38 in December. hard to believe. a lot happened last year in my life and I’m coming to terms with the fact that life is short (and getting shorter) and it’s important to be here now and make the most of what we’ve got. trying my best to do this…
Anyhoo, I’m excited to see what happens  at Mlasko drums this year. It’s really important to me to take the company to a new place. I hope more people will appreciate what it is we do here. feel free to join our humble Facebook group. spread the word that there’s this guy in Seattle that really digs old drums and is building new versions of them!
alright, enough of my rambling. Hope you are well and here’s to honoring classic drum design in 2011!

Sep 292011

Well, I built my first drum 17 years ago today, a 3.5×13 green sparkle snare drum. to celebrate our birthday, any drumset ordered today will come with a matching snare drum for only $17. there ya go!… a

Feb 152011

till the first day of spring (march 20, 2011), any drumset order of at least two toms and a bass drum will include a matching snare drum for free! just mention this post in yr correspondence. i understand very well that times are tough right now, and i hope this will help you out a bit if you’re on the fence about a new drumset. this wil save you around $500, which is a lot of money these days. happy new year and cheers, aaron