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For custom options, please contact us for pricing and availability

  • Keller ‘vintage mahogany’ and ‘vintage maple’ shells
  • solid steam-bent snare drum shells
  • 70’s style acrylic shells in a wide variety of classic colors
  • BCOB “Black Beauty” snare drum shells with tube lugs
  • various other snare drum shell materials
  • non-standard ply configurations
  • non-standard bearing edge shapes
  • non-standard drum hardware, e.g. lugs, mounts, boutique snare drum throw-offs and wires, etc.
  • reinforcement rings
  • vintage style wood hoops on toms and snares in various styles
  • die-cast hoops
  • light-weight tri-flange steel hoops
  • 2.3 mm tri-flange hoops
  • straight-flange brass hoops with clips
  • stickchopper hoops
  • tom mounting systems
  • Gibraltar drumset hardware packages
  • genuine calf skin heads
  • tone control mufflers installed in toms and snare drums

Anything else you don’t see here, please ask. We CAN do it! –and just might.

Other options:

Cocktail kits! Single drums with or without auxiliary snares, toms and cymbal/accessory mounts.

Suitcase drumset: not necessarily a classic, but we’ve built a few over the years and we like ’em. Our concept actually pre-dates the “Hip-Gig”! Often built with genuine lacquered luggage tweed covering and even vintage luggage stickers! Typically, a shallow 18″ 2-piece bass drum (with latches) with a small shell mounted snare drum, cymbal holder, x-hat and kick pedal that fit inside. Suitcase handle on top, and away you go! All you need to do is don yr seersucker suit and straw hat, find a vintage wooden folding chair at the gig and yer all set!

Faithful recreations of your favorite drummer’s kit (e.g. Krupa, Buddy, Ringo, Bonham, etc.)

Custom bass drum hoops for yr existing kit, including floor tom conversions

–Got other ideas? enquire within!…