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Standard Features of Mlasko Drums

  • 8 ply Keller VSS 100% all-maple American-made shells. There is no better traditional style drumshell to build with. Other ply configurations, vintage mahogany and vintage maple shells optional.
  • Your choice of finishes:
    (A) transparent hand-rubbed satin oil finish in a select number of hand-mixed classic colors (sonically amazing)
    (B) durable wrapped finish (massive selection of vintage sparkles, pearls, solids & more)
    (C) painted finishes in classic colors
  • Bearing edges that are cut specific to each drum, then sanded smooth
  • Hand-cut snare beds specific to each snare drum
  • Thin vintage tinted sealer on shell interiors and edges (unless raw requested)
  • Mlasko American Classic Drums paper label inside with model and serial number
  • Classic Slingerland lugs and claws. We do have several others available (tubes, beavertails, etc.), but these are the ones we like the look/function of best and generally use.
  • 2.3mm steel sticksaver hoops on toms and snare drums
  • 12 ply all maple bass drum hoops with classic inlay strip
  • Smooth white, coated, calf-like or transparent logo bass drum front head
  • Plenty of consultation and correspondence beforehand to make sure you get the drum(s) you really need and want
  • Priority service for any modifications or repairs in the future